Person experiencing homelessness sleeps on the streets.

Help people off the streets of London. For good.​

Every donation will help someone leave homelessness behind, for good

Help end homelessness for 2,240 people by Christmas Day

How can it be right that in one of the world’s richest cities, thousands sleep rough.

Being homeless isn’t a choice. It’s dangerous and it’s brutal. Especially during Winter.

We’re open 24/7, providing warm, safe spaces for Londoners in crisis and helping them leave homelessness behind for good. 

Everyone deserves a place to call home. Please donate today what you can today.

How we helped Mitchell off the streets

Mitchell who was previously homeless posing in his new flat with this dog. Donate to charity today to help people like Mitchell.

After his relationship broke down, Mitchell became street homeless . He had left school at an early age and had no education to fall back on. There was nowhere to turn, and he didn’t know how to ask for help.

“Single Homeless Project has given me a life. I now have a place to call home.

This house feels like a million pounds. It’s a foundation for which I’m so thankful. Having come from nothing and waking up and living in carparks, it feels like a palace to me.

I’m looking forward to working again. I know it’s going to be hard, but if I can overcome homelessness, I can do anything”

How many people are facing homelessness this Christmas?

Every 10 minutes one Londoner is forced into homelessness.

In winter 2021, we reported that one Londoner is forced into homeless every 11 minutes. Last year, that figure became just 10 minutes. This year? The situation is set to worsen yet again.

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How your Christmas donation will help

Help someone off the streets, into a safe and warm place

Person experiencing homelessness sitting on the streets of London

In 2022, we supported 794 people who were sleeping rough on the streets of London, into independent housing or supported accommodation.

Emergency support to someone at risk of losing their home

Person looking distressed looking at a bill in their home.

Right now, we are helping 3,200 Londoners to stay in their own home by providing specialist advice around debt, rent arrears and housing issues.

Help someone into a home and leave homelessness behind

Person support by Single Homeless Project smiling as he stands outside his new home

This year, we’ve helped 1,866 Londoners find a home, for good by providing specialist support, move-on packs and over 800 support grants.

Why we exist

Logo of Single Homeless Project

We began in 1975 when a group of six homeless men in London teamed up to create the change they wanted to see. An end to rough sleeping and the cold, hard floors of warehouses – and a city where everyone has a place to call home and the chance to live a fulfilling life.

Today, we are the largest homeless charity dedicated to helping Londoners in crisis. Every year, we help over 10,000 Londoners to leave homelessness behind, to be seen, to be heard, and find a place to call home.

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How your money is spent

Graphic depicting the London Eye showing that for every £1 donated to Single Homeless Project 90p goes to the frontline

For every £14 you donate to charity, £12.60 goes directly to the front line supporting Londoners experiencing homelessness.

The next £1.40 help us raise the next pound, ensuring we’re providing the best possible services we can.

We owe it to our founders to make the best possible impact on the thousands of Londoners facing homelessness.