Skydive for charity

Skydive for #TeamSHP and help end homelessness in London

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Flexible, Sailsbury

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Take the leap  and rush towards the earth at 125mph

We’ve partnered with the GoSkydive team the UK’s specialists for first-time tandem skydivers. They are the only Skydive company in the UK who offer specialist training in a simulated environment. After you’ve completed your training and safety checks you’ll be ready to race towards the earth at 125mph!

Are you ready?

The difference your fundraising will make

Back in 2019 Simon from Lewisham was forced to sleep rough. Simon left his family home, his friends and had to leave almost all his belongings behind due to domestic abuse.

We provided Simon with a safe place to stay, helped him find a new job and rediscover his passion for running. Last October Simon ran the Royal Parks Half for #TeamSHP.

Skydive for #TeamSHP

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I understand I'd need to pay a registration fee of £100 and raise £350 to help end homelessness in London
Skydives are available Monday – Sunday