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Over the years the landscape in which the Joe Strummer Foundation operates has changed and delivering on the Foundation’s plans and projects has become more difficult. It is against this backdrop that the Trustees of the Joe Strummer Foundation have taken the decision to dissolve the Joe Strummer Foundation as a registered charity.

Single Homeless Project’s Soundhouse project has benefited from funding from the Joe Strummer Foundation for a couple of years now and thanks to JSF supporters we were able to install a studio in our Westminster Hostel a couple of years back. With such aligned goals and philosophies, we know that a partnership with is the best way to build on the valuable work the Joe Strummer Foundation has achieved and continue building upon Joe’s legacy..

We were founded by six homeless men in the mid-70s who wanted to see an end to rough sleeping in London. We have grown since then but are still determined to see the world through our founders’ eyes, supporting over 10,000 adults and young people experiencing homelessness each year across all 32 London boroughs.
Often that means being there for someone at a critical time – whether to prevent their eviction or help them off the streets. We restore hope to people who might otherwise feel forgotten, left behind or written off, supporting them in their journey to living an independent and fulfilling life.

SoundHouse is an innovative music programme which sits within London based charity, Single Homeless Project providing access to music and offering creative opportunities to all of the charity’s service users. The programme ranges from providing participants with creative spaces, kit and support to develop their own work and practice to offering the opportunity to pick up an instrument for the very first time. The programme so far has two in-house music studios and also holds bespoke music sessions within the community.

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